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Classification of Policies

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2019-08-13 21:21:23

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Science and technology enrich economic and social activities.
Policies and laws maintain the soundness of economic and social activities.
Both of them have four routes and policies have followings:

Economic and social policies are industrial policies, social security, etc.
They are “ Direct Route “ working directly on economic and social activity.

Human resource policies are health, education, etc.
They are “ Indirect Route “ creating the necessary conditions for policies, that is human resources.
With present technological development and social changes,
They are becoming more and more important today.

Technological policies are R & D policies, infrastructure policies,
or organization and enlightenment for the sound use of technology.
They are one side of “ Mutual Aid Route “ between technologies and policies.
They maintain the soundness of technologies as one of the economic and social activities in a broad sense.

Administrative management policies are the “ Self Help Route “ of policies.
We can divide them into the former three categories,
for policies is one of the economic and social activities in a broad sense.

Once government policies emphasized technological policies for the production (including security) of wealth.
In the modern age, the emphasis shifted to economic & social policies for the distribution (including reinvestment) of wealth.
It seems that the shift to human resource policies for the uplift (health & education) of ourselves to produce and distribute is necessary now.
Then, administrative management policies for the sound use of human resources (self-control & making alive of ourselves) will be important.
After that, there will be the government of all the people, by all the people, for all the people.
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