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Classification of Technologies

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2019-08-13 21:14:30

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Science and technology enrich economic and social activities.
Policies and laws maintain the soundness of economic and social activities.
Both of them have four routes and technologies have the followings:

Main ( hub ) technologies are agriculture, power engine, computer, etc.
They are “ Direct Route “ directly enriching economic and social activity.

Related ( peripheral ) technologies are metallurgy, electrical or software engineering, etc.
They are “ Indirect Route “ creating necessary conditions for technologies, that is material resources..
They also have possibilities for the next main technology.

Social engineering technologies are organization, education, operations research, etc.
They are one side of “ Mutual Aid Route “ between technologies and policies.
They improve the productivity or efficiency of policies,
for policies are one of the economic and social activities in a broad sense.

Research & development technologies are the “ Self Help Route “ of technologies.
We can divide them into the former three categories,
for technologies is one of the economic and social activities in a broad sense.
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