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2022-09-04 17:09:53

平 一


According to “The Star of Civilization” theory (my hypothesis), we can classify techs & policies symmetrically.
The main body of civilizational activities is economic & social activities performed by all the people.
Science & technology enrich the activities. Policies & laws maintain their soundness.
(We can call them social activities, techs, or policies.)

We can classify techs & policies into four categories.
1 Direct route: epoch-making techs, economic & social policies
Agriculture, power engines, computers, or AI help social activities directly.
2 Indirect route: realization techs, human resource policies
They help realize techs into products or improve health & education, the necessary conditions.
3 Self-help route: research & development techs, administrative management policies
The routes techs or policies help themselves.
4 Mutual aid route: social technologies, technological policies
The routes techs & policies help each other.

Then, mutual aid routes are divided into three categories by their objectives.
4-1 Cooperation route: organization & account techs, social technology policies
They help economic & social policies or epoch-making techs, cooperating in broad economic & social activities, like health insurance or safety rules.
4-2 Partial help route: public education & health techs, infrastructure policies
They help human resource policies or realization techs, offering the support not fully available in economic & social activities.
4-3 Custom-made route: operations research, R & D policies
They help public administration policies or R & D techs, giving support according to their publicness or confidentiality.

I hope we get sustainable development of civilization with next-gen techs & comprehensive policies.
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